Essential Oil Masterclass

This course is the most comprehensive guide to doTERRA essential oils anywhere on the internet. By the end of this course you will know exactly which essential oils to use for any of the health challenges you or your family faces. Get ready to discover how to reach peak physical and mental state naturally with doTERRA essential oils! This course is free for anyone on my doTERRA team.

Essential Oil Masterclass

Lesson 10: Deep Blue Essential Oil Blend

Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex® Video – Watch Here

How are you doing?

With respiratory distress and immune system threats going around, I want to make sure you’re prepared should you (or someone you know) get temporary congestion.  For these situations, you want to just Breathe (called Easy Air in Canada)!

Here’s a cool tip: add a few drops of dōTERRA® Breathe/Easy Air or dōTERRA® cardamom oil and a few drops of lavender oil to a travel pack of tissues and seal it in a ziplock bag. This way, you can breathe into the bag and seal it up for later use to relieve any congestion when you are on the go. (You can even keep a pack like this in the car!) You can also pack a travel diffuser or Breathe vapor stick for deeper support.

Personally, I love to drop a few drops of eucalyptus oil at the bottom of my bathtub when I take a shower.  It really helps clear nasal passages and it smells heavenly!

My other go-to remedy is a diffuser. Diffusers are beautifully crafted devices that mist essential oils into the room for everyone to enjoy.

Go ahead and try this amazing respiratory support recipe:

  • 4  drops of dōTERRA® breathe essential oil
  • 1 drop of dōTERRA® cardamom essential oil
  • 2 drops of dōTERRA® spearmint essential oil
  • 1 drop of dōTERRA® white fir or douglas fir essential oil

I love this combination, but you’re always free to play around with other diffuser blends.

Other essential oils that might mix well for temporary relief of congestion include basil, grapefruit (internally and topically just a few drops) and lemon essential oils. The silver bullet can often be frankincense, sandalwood, helichrysum or even arborvitae on your chest for immune system threats. OnGuard is always a great option for immune system support as well.

If you discover the perfect combination that clears you up, be sure to let me know so I can share it!

Now that you can breathe, click here for more great information!

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