Our Journey


One of those things Andrea keeps on saying and we joke about to get her smiling on those bad days. Life is a school and for ever learning new things! Below is Andrea’s Journey in a shorter version. ​

How it all started

When Scott and I met in 2000, we were literally in the prime of our lives. I was 30 years old and had been working for a few years in my hard-earned, chosen and loved profession of Ultrasound and Scott was 25 and progressing well in a printing and marketing company, working his way up the ladder. Weekends and after work hours were spent with friends partying in the dance clubs, playing recreational volleyball and basketball, and skiing and mountain-biking.

We partied our way through, eating and drinking whatever we wanted, often to excess and had a really great time doing it.

In 2006, my mother passed away. She was not an easy mother and I did not have an easy upbringing– it’s a long story…… I don’t think I really understood how much resentment I was holding towards her and how she affected my life. I think I needed to wait for her passing before I was able to commit to children. At age 37 the following year we had our first child. I understand now why people say that having children is a young person’s game. My body didn’t recover well – I had severe heel and achilles pain and pelvic stiffness that brought my active lifestyle to a standstill. Because of my age, we decided to have baby #2 quickly and I became a mom again at age 39 in 2009.

In 2011 my brother passed away by his own hand. It was shocking and left a huge hole in me – I didn’t want to think about the pain he too had been dealing with, on his own. Again, I attended his funeral, bottled up my emotions, and continued raising my kids with Scott, safely distanced from all my estranged family. I was strong and I motored on.

immune system tanks

I wasn’t as strong as I thought. In 2012 my immune system tanked, and I became extremely ill with a sickness that started as an upper respiratory tract infection but spread through my whole body, causing pelvic pain and severe joint and muscle pain. I had extreme fatigue, chills and low-grade fevers and though I was able to continue working part-time, my days ended at 7 pm when I would need to head to bed. I felt like I was 80 years old and had trouble doing normal things like climbing stairs and getting out of bed. Scott was a godsend and was able to work, keep our young kids busy and give me the support I needed to stay positive.

This is when the medical hamster wheel began, and I climbed right on because my educational background was mainstream, Western medicine. I started with my family doc and her multiple rounds of antibiotics and was then referred to a rheumatologist who said my joint pain was due to joint laxity. I did a quick stint with my first naturopath who recognized my low iron, but I headed back mainstream again. In the middle of this we supported my sister emotionally and financially through an ugly divorce and things just seemed to keep getting harder and harder.


When your body, mind and soul become one in a deep dark spot and you find your self stuck, its hard to deal with life on a good day. I became very withdrawn from our friend’s circle, more self-involved than I have ever been, and have felt like I’ve been stuck inside of this malfunctioning body and only going through the motions of living, with not a lot of joy. My world became something to endure as these phases of fatigue, headaches and pain continued. I still thought I would eventually be able to fight off whatever it was, but then I finally realized I needed more help and started my own research.

hitting rock bottom

I committed to giving myself a year to get healthy, away from both the physical and emotional stress of my demanding career, and I started with different healers – chiropractors (a new form for me, activator chiro), an iridologist, acupuncturists, naturopaths, Chinese healers and so many more. I started removing all my old mercury fillings over these years. 

I believe it to be true now. Sometimes you have to “hit rock bottom” before you kick off and find your way to the surface. My dedication to healing myself with chiro visits had put my nervous system into over-drive. My adjustments were extremely painful, they never held, I had tremors and the sensation like I had been tasered with burning spinal nerves and as a result, my nervous system was in overdrive. I truly thought I was not going to make it and many many times thought about following my brother’s path.

However, in trying to find the good with the bad, two positives came out of that time period 1) my chiro recognized that my lower backpain was related to an abnormal C spine position, and 2) she suggested that I had something “chemical” going on, which is why my adjustments never held.


Our doTERRA introduction

We were introduced to doTERRA Essential Oils by a friend and did not really know much about essential oils and how they could truly help us to be honest. We were going through some tuff times at this point and did not really have a true direction.  The box sat there for a week or so, and not really sure what to do with the products. We slowly started to use the diffuser and started to try different things. We loved the aroma portion of the doTERRA Essential Oils and started slowly mixing different oils into our own blends we enjoyed.  We were not thinking that the oils would have much to do with our healing to be totally honest. We said we would give it a try and keep them going while we keep on trying ‘REAL’ items that will keep on the right path of self healing.

my first ‘ah hah’ moment

With the chiro mentioning that there could be something “chemical” that is causing this was my first ‘ah hah’ moment which gave me the sense that there was something I could personally work on to help myself. Up until that point I felt like I was at the mercy of what everyone else was recommending for me – prescription drugs/specialists/chiro schedule/dentists. It is absolutely awful feeling powerless – that my power had been stolen from me. I wasn’t used to feeling helpless (I am a strong German woman, with a great knowledge of our bodies ) but that is what I had become.


I committed to giving myself a year to get healthy, away from both the physical and emotional stress of my demanding career, and I started with different healers – chiropractors (a new form for me, activator chiro), an iridologist, acupuncturists, naturopaths, Chinese healers and so many more. I started removing all my old mercury fillings over these years.

I think that somehow when the mind-shift happened that I was going to have to FIX MYSELF, alternative solutions started coming our way – things that resonated with both Scott and I.  We were really getting into doTERRA Essential Oils and started to ask more questions and we wanted a lot more information.  Our friends and people Scott have been meeting started teaching us how they can be used as alternatives to phase out chemicals in all aspects of our everyday life – cleaning solutions, fragrances, healthcare. This was a HUGE part of our shift in our house and our mindset on self directed healthcare at its best.

Reduce Inflammation - Healing Foods

Our next big moment was in a second-hand store and a book caught my eye – it was called “The Autoimmune Solution” by Dr. Amy Myers. I ended up buying it for $2 and it is the best $2 I have ever spent. Through that year I spent time reading, understanding and implementing her eating techniques and I made huge headway in the amount of joint pain and tingling that I was enduring. In 5 months I lost 20 pounds without trying to. It just seemed like my body responded so happily not being chronically burdened with foods that were irritating and causing swelling and inflammation. Through that year I spent time reading, understanding and implementing her eating techniques and I made huge headway in the amount of joint pain and tingling that I was enduring. In 5 months I lost 20 pounds without trying to. It just seemed like my body responded so happily not being chronically burdened with foods that were irritating and causing swelling and inflammation.

The one thing that was a huge thing that we talk about now all the time, is I was NOT getting flu like symptoms or colds anymore.  We started to use the oils in 2017 on a regular basis and it was a HUGE shift for me and our family.  These are the small things that truly make a huge difference in your life when you are dealing with so many other ailments.  This was the moment where Scott and I said, the oils are working and let’s keep on going.


Your teeth matter

 I was speaking with my friend at the time of all this and the fact that my root canal teeth were still bothering me, 4 years later, even though they checked me several times with x-rays and said everything looked ok. This was the next big breakthrough – she told me to watch “the Root Cause” documentary. Which is now only on YouTube and was removed from Netflix.

That night, Scott and I watched in and were in shocked. His story could have been my story. Years of undiagnosed brain fog, pain, misdiagnoses, treatments. We learned from this documentary the dangers of having root canal teeth and implants, and how they are sources of chronic infection. Within two weeks of seeing this I was able to have a “dental cone beam cat scan” done, receive the diagnosis of a jaw abscess in the apex of my tooth, and have both infected teeth removed. At this point I felt like I had made another huge leap in my healing journey. My eye pain and hives significantly lessened immediately, and the tingling stopped. It just stopped.

Removing this toxic source of infection was incredible and made a huge difference in my recovery. It takes time to clear infection from bone and I began working with a naturopath to help with this because I was concerned when the burning pain returned, and my c-spine once again lost its short-lived stability.

I was also using essential oils to help with oil pulling and support the surgery recovery with clove bud essential oil. I was also using different essential oil protocols from our symphony of the cells course we took and was a huge help to give us more guidance to help boost my immune system and reduce inflammation/infections in my body.


Low Oxalate Diet - Foods

We started IV therapy with Vitamin C and B but I reacted poorly to these, so we stopped that very quickly. Finally, she suggested that I look into something called a Low Oxalate diet because I was also complaining of ongoing pelvis pain. This ended up being another major piece of my puzzle. It turns out that I have oxalate toxicity. Many of the foods that I grew up on, loved, cooked, and used as a way to give my body good health, were actually harming me. For example: spinach, strawberries, almonds, peanuts, all are high oxalate and because I’m not able to process them, leave crystals throughout my body. As I have slowly introduced this reduction of oxalates in my body along with specific supplement support, I have noticed a major shift in the tightness of my muscles. My pelvis, which had been locked since giving birth, is finding normal movement patterns again with the help of a wonderful ART chiro. As well, other muscle groups that I never even knew were tight, like those between my ribs, are able to expand and allow the twist in my spine to begin to resolve. As I started using food to heal, Scott too became more conscious of his eating and drinking habits and supported me (and himself) by making dietary changes.

Fate does happen

Even as Scott and I incorporated all of these changes into our life I continued to have next to no progress with my neck/spine stability and, though less, the episodes of burning pain I would have in my Central Nervous System and pelvis. I ended up seeing a new practitioner and tried his acupuncture and light therapy techniques. Although I didn’t make a lot of progress there, I think fate had me in his clinic one day when a visiting American dentist, Integrative Medical Doctor was in house because he was speaking at a conference in the city. My practitioner brought in this fellow Dr.Gerald Smith (who just happened to be “The Root Cause” documentary).

This man assessed me and within minutes, discovered that my jaw and skull position had been compromised by the infection. I had a torque in my skull and every-time I would bite down my C1 would “blow out”, meaning that it wouldn’t stay lined up with my skull and my spine was never able to achieve stability. This retired dentist treated me immediately with unique cranial/jaw musculature release and I had a PROFOUND experience. The chronic right occipital pulling that had been the source of so much pain, depression, and spine asymmetry, disappeared!! It was absolutely beyond incredible, but with my history, I was worried and asked how long I could expect this to last. He told me, smiling, that it would last until I got a bad knock to the head. I told him my fingers were crossed but that he didn’t know how my body reacts.

Essential Vibes - EMF Protection

With all these challenges over the last few years, it seems like the puzzle pieces fall together when they are meant to. In addition to the Rife frequency healing we started, we discovered jewelry with “healing frequencies” or as known as the Earth Natural Frequency of 7.83hz or science term would be “the Schumann Resonance” and can be found at Essential Vibes.com.

Our family was shown how our strength and balance improved when wearing these bracelets that had been embedded with the earth’s frequency. Our friends decided to test the technology to see if they can prove how it works on the cellular level using live blood analysis to see if there was any notable difference to our blood before and after wearing the jewelry. We wanted to ensure what we were using is “actually” doing something to help protect us from EMF’s and of course not harming our bodies. We could see a LARGE shift in the movement of the blood (it was better oxygenated that is for sure, and parasites were 95% gone within a approx. 4 hour window) and in the clumping of the blood – it was more spread out. This totally blew my mind that something as simple as the earth’s frequency could help our bodies naturally and the possibilities with this are endless really.

Scott “REALLY” loved this part of the process as he really felt a difference in his body when he had 1 bracelet on. For a person who does not wear jewelry to say yes within mins, I knew something was going to come of this for sure. When Scott puts his mind to something… watch out it is going to happen and its going to be big. This will help millions of people he kept on saying, he would not stop talking about it. He ended up speaking with he owner and was able to partner and become co-owner of Essential Vibes and rebrand the company. 

My own personal experience with the jewelry is that I have had a lot more energy (which is huge for me) and am able to stay up later at night and not take naps throughout the day. It also helped reduce some of the pain I was feeling in my joints.  Gaining a little focus back and being able to sit at the laptop and being able to think a little was so refreshing as i was not able to do this for longer period of times. 

Seeing successes finally

Seeing my successes with both the rife machine, the frequency jewelry, the use of essential oils to calm down my nervous system and strengthen my immune system and not getting sick all the time was huge for our family.  Scott found himself being pulled into the direction of “self directed health care” as he likes to call it. He has always had a natural love to truly care and help others in any way possible.   Scott has been able to help share our experiences, knowledge and all these amazing natural tools with everyone he speaks with. It is just not fair for people around the world to be pulled in so many directions with some basic things we now know and how much this could really HELP someone else.

As we continue using our Infrared sauna for detoxing, paying attention to our food and how we eat to lower our inflammation in our bodies, essential oils (for everything our bodies wants/needs), frequency healing with the rife machine to support the bacteria and infections,  Essential Vibes products for EMF protection and stop the disruption of our nervous system and bodily harm EMF’s do was life changing for our family. When your body is getting natural things and truly does put your body in a better place to heal it self. It is magical really.  With this amazing journey I have been on, i am now able to go on bike rides, go for long hikes with the family and friends. I am not 100% back to normal and i keep on digging into some of he odd things that still are going on, however at least i am having A LOT more good days vs BAD days that is for sure. 


We FINALLY uncovered perhaps the largest part of my puzzle after peeling back the layers and getting to some of what could have been causing many of these ailments.  We found out that I have chronic Lyme disease, confirmed with Canadian and German blood testing this year in 2020. It’s funny, though, because if I had been given this diagnosis 10 years ago it would have flipped my world upside down. 100% I would have relied heavily on current mainstream Lyme treatment, which is antibiotics. Maybe that is what would have helped me back in 2012 when I became so mysteriously ill, but I was not properly diagnosed then. Nor was I in 2018 when my Lyme testing was reactive but called negative. Not until 2020, after having to advocate for myself so long with Scott’s never-wavering support and finding more types of healers all around the world and asking questions non stop, did we have the knowledge to ask for another Lyme test which included the European Lyme strain. Finally, an explanation for the spine and muscle pain, tingling neuropathy and brain fog that cycles in.

It’s funny though. A life-changing diagnosis and I feel like I have already conquered the worst of it and have tools at hand to use not only on the hard days, but every day. I am not whole. I still feel like giving up some days – like I just can’t do it anymore. But those days are fewer and farther and I am able to be more active with my family, with bike rides, playing sports, family events and hanging with friends. THIS IS HUGE for me, as in the past I could not have done any of those at all.

Writing this is a HUGE win for myself and my little amazing family of four.

I am now able to concentrate more than ever, to sit at the computer, and think like a normal human. It sounds so simple right…

I missed that part in my life for so long, and to be honest I was not sure this day would ever come.

To everyone out there who is searching for your own health, I hope our story helps you. Its comes down to some basic things that we can help you with and be by your side, which is SO IMPORTANT not to feel alone in your journey. We can help guide you with some information on diet (from the Dr.Amy Myers book), we can help you with all the Essential Oil Protocols and help to help support your body naturally and remove all the toxins/chemicals in your life.  We show you how to get doTERRA Essential Oils into your house and how/what to do with the products. We also want to ensure you are protected from EMF’s , which is very hard to 100% get away from these days. EssentialVibes.com is part of our life and we will help guide you with this as well.

And to the specialist who told me to “Stop reading and go see a psychiatrist” , I tell you to “Start reading – there are so many resources, Facebook groups, researchers, and everyday people that can offer insights, personal experiences, knowledge, and love”.  We are here to help you get through this journey if you need support. We have built a team around us, that is very strong and have the same heart Scott and I do. Which is to help and serve others around the world.  Let’s get connected and start your journey to natural wellness. We have new healers from all over the world and many different modalities joining our team every month, and is truly a blessing being able to help each other. 

Never give up on yourself!

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One of those things Andrea keeps on saying and we joke about to get her smiling on those bad days. Life is a school and for ever learning new things! Below is Andrea's Journey in a shorter version.

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