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Education through an emotional journey is the best way to learn something new. Making life style changes made easy when you work with Scott and his amazing team. Life changes when you feel and experience Scott's knowledge, energy and passion to help others.

"It blows my mind on how fast doTERRA's products work.
I had some seasonal allergies, and with in 15 mins i was feeling clear and ready to take on the day ."
Kristen B

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 I have been able to work with some of the largest brands in the world, including Google, Microsoft, Disney, Bombardier , YouTube, Nike, Adidas, CIBC, Telus and so many more over the past 25+ years in Printing & Marketing world. With running my own printing company for years, and always finding the next big “product or thing” to talk to my clients about was always really exciting for me and my team. While thinking of the next “big thing” in my printing and marketing world, things started to change for the worse in early 2010. My wife Andrea’s health started to decline, and was not sure what was the cause of these ailments and symptoms. Being in ultrasound for many years, and her shoulder/neck always sore we thought it was just that and did not really think much of it…. oh did we had another thing coming that year and forward.

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Our journey took many turns and lane changes, through many doctor appointments and different specialists. Natural Paths, Neurologist, Osteopaths, Different Chriopratactors, Massage Therapists, Cupping, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Blood work for many things and the list goes on and on. With no answers from western medicine and others, we started to do her own research with Dr.Google and different Facebook Groups and started to really detail what she was feeling and what she was eating that triggered different things, and then started to research those items. 9 Years later, with diet changes and reducing inflammation in her body, finding 2 root canals that were infected that a few dentists missed (great documentary Root Cause) , doTERRA essential oils , frequency healing / EMF protection we are in a much better place and she is feeling much better. We are now able to go for hikes, play some sports and travel.  However, we are not 100% out of the woods as of yet. With this comes a roller coaster story of ups and downs and how natural self directed health care can really change your life and make a world of a difference. This has changed our families lives for the better in so many ways including our 2 amazing kids. We have taken this journey and took it as a positive and have built a team around the world to help others naturally and try and reduce medications, chemicals and toxic load on our bodies. We advocate to prevent many ailments from even starting and doing the small things now to help you and your family live a thriving and abundant life. 

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After running his own printing company and being a part of the printing and marketing world for over 25 years, Scott found himself on a different path when his wife’s health started to decline. After finding no answers from western medicine, they started to do their own research, and become their own advocates, and today they spend their time educating and advocating for others, and helping them naturally any way they can, to prevent many ailments from even starting... as they have learned that prevention is key