The Holistic Power
Of Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated plant oils which have POTENT effects on the body. They’ve been used for thousands of years and are the backbone of holistic health.

Essential oils have stood the test of time because of their versatility. Beyond just making a room smell nice, these powerful plants have been used for sleep, health, energy, and almost every other specific situation the FDA won’t let me say.

Your Health
In Your Hands

No one cares about your health more than you do. When you have just the 10 most common essential oils, you will be able to holistically handle 95% of the most common conditions by yourself.

But don’t think this means you’ll be alone! When you purchase your first essential oils you will be given all the simple training you need to use your new oils. You will also be connected into a worldwide communities of people who have taken back their health care with essential oils, just like you.


There are almost no regulations on essential oils. This means that even though the oil you find at the store is labelled ‘pure’ or ‘organic’ that doesn’t mean it is! In fact, studies have shown that almost all publicly available essential oils have serious corruptions in them, including synthetic chemicals, diluted carrier oils, or even just really poor base-plant quality.

To counter this, I ALWAYS use Therapeutic-Grade essential oils. The only brand of Therapeutic-Grade oil which consistently tests every bottle of their essential oils is doTERRA, which is why I only use this brand right now.

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"It blows my mind on how fast doTERRA's products work. I had some seasonal allergies, and with in 15 mins i was feeling clear and ready to take on the day ."
Kristen B

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You may be wondering, if essential oils are becoming so popular, why should I choose dōTERRA ?

Taken from some of the most pure, natural sources on earth, dōTERRA® essential oils aim to bring the potency and simplicity of nature straight into your home. Each dōTERRA essential oil has its own unique chemistry and aroma, giving it an exclusive set of benefits for the user. No matter your needs or your preferences, the variety of CPTG( Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade)  Essential Oils and their uses makes it easy to find a oil that provides a 100% natural solution to many of your
everyday ailments and problems.

The use of doTERRA oils are being used as alternatives to many of the standard things people have used for years.   This is the natural way to help support and create a preventative healthy support system for you and your family.

100% pure & Tested

100% Pure: dōTERRA created a purity level that is well beyond the organic standard. Unlike every other company, every litre is tested by a third party. They created an internal standard called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade that is verified by third party testing laboratories. They perform 6 indicator tests and 11 qualitative tests on their oils to make sure that they are pure, safe and effective for therapeutic use. No other company performs this level of testing on their oils!

Globally Sourced

Globally Sourced: dōTERRA is passionate about sourcing their essential oils in the plants’ native countries. Through their co-IMPACT sourcing model, dōTERRA works with farmers all over the world – empowering communities while ensuring the optimal soil quality and growing, harvesting and distilling practices. This creates a quality of oils that is unprecedented. In addition, over 80% of dōTERRA’s oils are exclusive – you will not be able to find their potency anywhere else!

Ethically Sourced

Ethically Sourced: dōTERRA gives back in the communities where they source their oils. They team up with local farmers who have been there for generations and form cooperatives to help them improve their growth and create something that is mutually beneficial. dōTERRA pays them fair wages and uses its non-profit organization, the Healing Hands Foundation, to rebuild the community as a whole: building medical facilities and schools and drilling wells amongst other projects.

Our Journey Is Your Education

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8 Reaons Why

Responsible Sourcing

doTERRA is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of farmers, harvesters, and distillers who contribute to doTERRA’s oil production. With more than 140 origin oils in its product line, doTERRA sources its oils from over 45 countries—more than half of which could be considered developing countries.

Groundbreaking Medical Research

Many of doTERRA’s experimental and clinical studies are performed by world-class external partner laboratories and clinics. doTERRA has worked with over 100 different organizations to do research and/or implement essential oils into their facility, including: - universities - hospitals - VA medical centers - hospices/care centers

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Safe Essential Oil Applications

Those who are new to essential oils often ask, “Are essential oils really safe?” Essential oils have a long history of safe and effective use, for everything from personal hygiene and cooking to emotional benefits and health benefits.


Aromatic use is typically done by breathing in an essential oil directly or placing it in an essential oil diffuser. This is why aromatic use is such a popular application method for essential oils—it’s incredibly easy and allows you to start enjoying the aroma of an essential oil almost immediately.

Topical Use

Topical application of essential oils is one of the fastest, simplest ways to experience the benefits of essential oils for the body. When used correctly, essential oils can be extremely beneficial to support you emotional, mental and physical body.

Internal Use

One of the most common reasons for ingesting essential oils is to reap the internal benefits they hold for the body. Each essential oil possesses a different chemical structure that will provide the body with unique properties and benefits.


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