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No one cares about your body as much as you do. Take back your power by learning natural solutions to all the worst problems.

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I hate to say it! But if you want you want something done right… well, that’s why we do self-directed healthcare. 

When it comes to health, no one cares about you as much as you do! We learned that the hard way.

After my wife and I consulted over 40 different medical practitioners, we decided to take our life into our own hands. And we are better for it!

Now we are world leaders in self-directed healthcare, empowering people worldwide to take back control of their health through natural holistic options

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Published studies have shown that glutathione impacts nearly every area of health and performance and aids in immune support.

Therapeutic Essential Oils

A key component in a healthy way of living and prevention to many ailments. Want to learn how to support your body naturally? Reduce Toxins & Chemicals is key!

EMF Frequency Protection

Earth frequency is key to our protection! Using our frequencies against frequencies to protect your body from distortion from man made EMF’s is key to our protection. 

How we Can Help


Everyone that joins our team gets plugged into our training programs, which are super easy to follow and learn from. Go at your own pace, videos are also included.


Everyone loves this part. Yes, we want to help you so we need to keep you accountable for what you say you want to happen. We do follow up and check in on your goals you have set.

Natural Wellness

We are all about Natural Wellness as we know our bodies naturally want natural things so it can heal it self. We support you with many tools that are science proven and that work. It is that simple.


When you join Scott's team, you get plugged into some of the most amazing and talented people that truly care about you. They want you to succeed and they show you how to do it in simple terms.

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