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Changing lives around the world is what we do every day.  

Our holistic international team is on a mission through education based science to help as many people as possible. Are you ready to make the shift? 

Life is a school

My self and my family have become an advocates for self directed health care & prevention for people around the world. Our family has gone through major health challenges over the past 11+ years.  This has truly opened our eyes to more of an holistic approach with how to reduce inflammation through diet, use doTERRA therapeutic grade essential oils to support our emotional, mental and physical ailments.  Using latest technology from Essential Vibes for our EMF protection and all the amazing health benefits to support our families health from man made EMF radiation.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible around the world with these amazing gifts we have from mother nature.

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How Our Team Helps You!


When you join Scott's team, you get plugged into some of the most amazing and talented people that truly care about you. They want you to succeed and they show you how to do it in simple terms.


Everyone loves this part. Yes, we want to help you so we need to keep you accountable for what you say you want to happen. We do follow up and check in on your goals you have set.

Natural Wellness

We are all about Natural Wellness as we know our bodies naturally want natural things so it can heal it self. We support you with many tools that are science proven and that work. It is that simple.


Everyone that joins our team gets plugged into our training programs, which are super easy to follow and learn from. Go at your own pace, videos are also included.

What Do You Need Help With?

Reduce Inflammation

 Approx 80% of ailments can be reduced or eliminated by reducing your inflammation in your body. Find out more below. 

Pure CPTG Essential Oils

A key component in a healthy way of living and prevention to many ailments. Want to learn how to support your body naturally? 

Frequency Technology

 Approx 80% of ailments can be reduced or eliminated by reducing your inflammation in your body. Find out more below. 

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