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Life is a School, and my self and my family have become an advocate for self directed health care & prevention for people around the world. Our family has gone through major health challenges over the past 10+ years, and has truly opened our eyes to more of an holistic approach with how to reduce inflammation through diet,  doTERRA essential oils and how to support our emotional, mental and physical ailments on a daily basis, Essential Vibes and true EMF protection and all the amazing health benefits to support our families daily health concerns.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible around the world with these amazing gifts we have from mother nature.

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Our Journey

Self Directed Healthcare changed
our lives forever.

How we can help you

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Reduce Inflammation

Reducing inflammation through diet is one of the easiest things you can do to help your body. Did you that 80% of ailments in North America are caused by inflammation?

Essential Oils

Supporting your body naturally with Essential Oils is the #1 way to be proactive against thousands of ailments that our bodies encounters every year.  Reducing chemical and toxic load is important for a long and healthy life.

Reduce Technology

Your eyes, brain and body needs a rest from the white light and EMF exposer.  Try to reduce your technology at least 2 hours before bed time. Your body will thank you in so many ways.

Get Moving

Simple Movements each day can help your body more than you think. You body is designed to move not sit in one place for long periods of time. Your body will thank you, simple walking or light exercise every day.

Work/Life Balance

Balance in life is very important when it comes to work/family. Try to spend a few hours doing non work tasks with your self or loved ones. Reduce stress in your environment is key to a healthy life.

EMF Protection

Essential Vibes helps protects your body at the cellular level. While your body is resonating with our Earth Frequency products, you will be naturally protected from all the harmful EMFs in our modern wireless world, including LTE, WiFi, 3G, 4G, and 5G.

20+ Years of running my own successful business…

With over 20 years of experience in Marketing, Digital Printing, Offset Printing, Direct Mail and I.T , I have found my self working with some of the largest companies in the world such as Google, Disney, Microsoft, Sony, Nike, Toyota, Mazda, Ford, iShares, Godiva, Pandora, Investors Group, Hugo Boss, Konami, Samsung, Microsoft, YouTube any so many more amazing companies. Bringing my printing company back from almost bankruptcy to a 10 million dollar profitable business in just under 4 years was one of my pride and joys in my career.

Being in business over 25+ years I have had the opportunity to do some amazing things and learn what matters most.  Being a profitable business person and making some mistakes a long the way you learn some tricks that change your direction in business and in life.   I have learned that customer service, transparency and honesty is the key to keep my business alive and healthy for many years. My customers have become my friends, and friends have become customers.  Customer service is one thing I have always loved about my life and how I can help others through major issues with projects or personal hurdles they are dealing with.  Networking became very natural for me as I love to help people with what ever problem they may have.  Working in the holistic health care industry felt exactly what my soul was looking for.  I have always had my staff depend on me to make the hard decisions in the direction of the company and ensure that everything will be ok at the end of the day.

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