Essential Oil Masterclass

This course is the most comprehensive guide to doTERRA essential oils anywhere on the internet. By the end of this course you will know exactly which essential oils to use for any of the health challenges you or your family faces. Get ready to discover how to reach peak physical and mental state naturally with doTERRA essential oils! This course is free for anyone on my doTERRA team.

Essential Oil Masterclass

Lesson 1: Ordering Your Oils

People are often unclear about the best way to order dōTERRA® Essential Oils.  So, I thought I should set that straight from now. Since your dōTERRA membership gives you access to wholesale pricing, people want to know if there is a cost savings if they order a certain amount or if it is better to place orders on a consistent basis.  dōTERRA® has an extraordinary opportunity called the Loyalty Rewards Program which is a way to show their appreciation for YOU!

By setting up an automatic (but fully customizable) monthly order, you receive a number of benefits. Firstly, you get the absolute lowest price on all products (as an example, our Essential Skin care collection is the same price whether you purchase on LRP or by standard order, but you get a free facial scrub when you purchase on LRP).

Secondly, you get free product points on every order.  Thirdly, you get 100% of all shipping you pay back in free product points.  Fourthly, you have an opportunity to participate in the Product of the Month club. And lastly, you have the potential to earn bonuses through our compensation plan when you introduce friends/family to dōTERRA.

If you need help setting this up, let your enroller know and they can walk you through it. 

Let’s go through some of the LRP benefits in a bit more detail:

You earn a percent back

Signing up with the LRP program means that you will receive at least 10 percent back in product credits on your LRP orders, depending on the enrollment kit you chose. (Your starting percentage is based on the kit you purchased at the time you received your wholesale membership.) You can use these product credits to purchase free product. As long as you have a monthly LRP order of at least 50 PV, you will continue to earn credits. The longer you participate in the program, the larger the percentage of credits you will get back on your purchases until you reach 30 percent at 13 months, as shown below:

1-3 months: 10%

4-6 months: 15%

7-9 months: 20%

10-12 months: 25%

13+ months: 30%

Opportunity to earn Power of 3 and Fast Start bonuses

In order to qualify to earn the Power of 3 Bonus and Fast Start, you must have in place at least a 100PV order each month. If you are active in sharing, enrolling, and building, these bonuses will help you pay for your orders and continue to build your business, if you desire. Here’s a quick video to understand the Power of 3 bonus.  A fast start bonus is a “thank-you” commission that dōTERRA pays you for introducing people to these gifts of the earth.

Product of the Month (POM) benefit

If your monthly LRP is set to at least 125 PV, you join the Product of the Month club, and receive a free product with your LRP order. This is an amazing way to add to your essential oil collection, for free!  Tip: Remember that your LRP automatic order must be processed before the 15 of each month to receive the Product of the Month.

Tip: If you want to be sure to participate in our monthly promotions announced on the first of each month, be sure to have your LRP run no earlier than the second day of the month.

If you have any questions about getting started with LRP, please let your enroller know!

This is by far the BEST WAY to purchase dōTERRA® Essential Oils.

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