Essential Vibrations Digital Course

Discover the basics of frequency healing. Learn what frequencies are and all the different ways you can work with them to heal your body. By the end of this course you'll have mastered the foundations of frequencies and you'll know a wide variety of frequency healing modalities, with special attention on our favorite frequency technologies.

Lesson 04 – The Future of Frequencies

You’re about to start Lesson 04. Watch the video above and then complete the reflection questions below.

What you will learn

  • What 3 frequency healing modalities to watch in the future
  • Specific examples of each modality

Lesson 04 Reflection Questions

  1. What sorts of light-based frequency technologies should you watch in the future?
  2. What sorts of sound-based frequency technologies should you watch in the future?
  3. What sorts of wearable frequency technologies should you watch in the future?

(Answers at bottom of lesson)

What’s next?

Have you given your best answer to the reflection questions? Once you have, you’ve completed the course! If you want to get the maximum possible benefit from this course, think through the key moments of the course that interested you the most and then take an action based on them. Knowledge is useless unless applied!




1. In the future, watch light-based therapies which target specific organs and use specific colored lights. Also watch for laser-based frequency healing technologies.

2. In the future, watch sound-based therapies which focus on brain-wave entrainment. These frequencies will shift the state of your consciousness passively allowing you to make psychological changes with ease.

3. In the future, watch wearable frequency technologies since they are the easiest and most practical form of frequency technology. This form of wearable therapy will take off in a big way in the coming years!

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