Essential Vibrations Digital Course

Discover the basics of frequency healing. Learn what frequencies are and all the different ways you can work with them to heal your body. By the end of this course you'll have mastered the foundations of frequencies and you'll know a wide variety of frequency healing modalities, with special attention on our favorite frequency technologies.

Lesson 01 – What Are Frequencies?

You’re about to start Lesson 01. Watch the video above and then complete the reflection questions below.

What you will learn

  • What frequencies are
  • Common examples of frequencies
  • How multiple frequencies can exist simultaneously
  • How our senses connect with frequencies
  • How frequencies can help our body
  • Why frequency healing is needed in modern society

Lesson 01 Reflection Questions

  1. What are vibrations? Can you think of any examples from the world around you?
  2. In the lesson we saw an example of how sound could have multiple frequencies at the same time. Can you think about how you could layer a second frequency onto a red light without changing its color?
  3. If our organs are already vibrating, why do we need a frequency healing tool to assist them?

(Answers at bottom of lesson)

What’s next?

Have you given your best answer to the reflection questions? Once you have, begin Lesson 02.




1. Vibration is the property of some object or phenomena recurring across time. An example could be: the frequency of meals I eat (2 times per day). Another example could be: The frequency of vibrations per second of sound coming through my speaker (which I may hear as a C note).

2. I could pulse the red light at a specific rate. For example, 3 times per second. I could also move the red light some distance at a specific rate. For example, 3 feet per second. I could also increase the intensity of the light at a specific rate. For example, 30% increased intensity per second.

3. Our organs are supposed to vibrate at their ideal frequencies however, in our modern technological society, we have created so many disharmonious electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which pull our organs and the rest of our body out of the correct frequency and into vibrational states which are not optimal for our wellbeing. Maintaining connection with our planet is a natural way to re-harmonize our body and our organs however, in our modern society, we rarely have our body connect with the Earth to gain this natural benefit. For these reasons, it is important to use frequency technologies to re-harmonize our body to its ideal vibratory state.

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