Essential Vibrations Digital Course

Discover the basics of frequency healing. Learn what frequencies are and all the different ways you can work with them to heal your body. By the end of this course you'll have mastered the foundations of frequencies and you'll know a wide variety of frequency healing modalities, with special attention on our favorite frequency technologies.

Lesson 03 – Discovering New Frequencies

You’re about to start Lesson 03. Watch the video above and then complete the reflection questions below.

What you will learn

  • The dangers of 5G technologies
  • Two new frequencies which can balance 5G
  • About a product we have made for this purpose

Lesson 03 Reflection Questions

  1. Why is the new 5G technology harmful to our health?
  2. How does the Sun Frequency help balance 5G technology?
  3. How does the Immunity Frequency help balance 5G technology?

(Answers at bottom of lesson)

What’s next?

Have you given your best answer to the reflection questions? Once you have, begin Lesson 04.




1. It uses millimetre waves which are hurt the body more than past generations of wireless technology. These millimetre waves also remove oxygen from within the human body while also reflecting healing rays from the sun away from the Earth.

2. The Sun frequency replaces some of the effects from the light which 5G technology reflects from the Earth.

3. The Immunity frequency supports our body’s natural immune response which is threatened by 5G technology.

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