Essential Vibrations Digital Course

Discover the basics of frequency healing. Learn what frequencies are and all the different ways you can work with them to heal your body. By the end of this course you'll have mastered the foundations of frequencies and you'll know a wide variety of frequency healing modalities, with special attention on our favorite frequency technologies.

Lesson 02 – How To Easily Use Frequencies

You’re about to start Lesson 02. Watch the video above and then complete the reflection questions below.

What you will learn

  • What are different ways we can use frequencies
  • The newest frequency healing technology
  • Comparison of different frequency healing technologies
  • What the best frequency for healing is
  • Experiences people have had with frequency healing

Lesson 02 Reflection Questions

  1. What are 3 different ways frequencies can be used for healing?
  2. What are some ways you could use frequency healing in your self-directed healthcare?
  3. Why do we consider the Earth Frequency to be the most powerful healing frequency?

(Answers at bottom of lesson)

What’s next?

Have you given your best answer to the reflection questions? Once you have, begin Lesson 03.




1. Light frequency, sound frequency, wearable frequencies.

2. Shine a healing frequency on your body with a healing light. Play a healing frequency for yourself on a sound system. Wear a healing frequency on your body to get continual healing effects during the day.

3. The Earth frequency has tremendous benefits to the human body which help it strengthen and balance its nervous system, which is the primary communication system for the body. As a result this increases brain function, strength, balance, natural self-restoration processes, and even natural pain management.

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